The Cocktail has gone through many incarnations over its inception.  Today it has hit a pinacle interms of execution and creativity.  As bartenders have moved from behind the bar and moved into the kitchen.  There are a multitude of ideas that make up the mainstream cocktail movement.   Our mission is   to bring that experience from the bar scene and into special events.    

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    Our Aims
    Let us help you plan your party Contact us and we will give you an estimate based on number of guests, type of liquor and service.
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    Bar Catering Service
    Licensed and Insured we bring a full bar including Alcohol, Mixers, Ice We have several bar catering services to fit your budget. Every service comes with a craft cocktail menu
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    Mixologist Staffing
    Our professional staff of mixologists will show up to your party equipped with full bar kits prepared to make hand crafted cocktails.